CGH Business Travel

CGH Business Travel

CGH Business Travel was established alongside CHG Leisure Travel to offer premium, private transportation to international visitors coming for business in the Czech Republic. Based on our professional, as well as private experience from different parts of the world, we understand the needs and demands of a hectic and busy schedule of working professionals. Besides delivering exceptional door to door private transportation, we are here to assist you with finding the perfect hotel or short/long term apartment accommodation based on your personal preference. We are prepared to assist you with translations and interpretations, as well as other professional advice you might require during your stay in the Czech Republic. We are very well acquainted with the local market in all aspects of the business.

Below is just a short example of what we can offer. Please feel free to get in touch to inquire additional information using our contact section.

CGH Top Business Service

This exclusive service by the CEO of CGH includes all day assistance in the Czech Republic. You will have a privately chauffeured spacious and comfortable Mercedes V-Class Minivan or Ford Custom Tourneo, at your disposal from 7:00AM until 22:00PM. For the cost of $789 you will be privately transported anywhere in the Czech Republic based on your itinerary, with the CGH host being available for you at these times. Each additional hour out of the allocated time will be charged at the amount of $79.Your CGH Host will be able to assist you with translations/interpretations, arranging your accommodation and can deal with your business partners or state offices on your behalf if necessary. If you are planning multiple day stay, every additional day will be charged at promotional price of $649. Price includes simple snacks and beverage refreshments while on the road with wifi access during your transport. You will be able to make unlimited free phone calls within the Czech Republic or, if needed due to language barrier, your CGH host will make the phone calls on your behalf. If you require only half a day service of up to 5 hours the charge will be $489.

CGH Private Transportation

Below is the price list of the most frequent trips. According to your needs we are able to prepare for you a special price list meeting your demands.

FROM/TO TO/FROM * up to 7 passengers -
priced on one way journey
* up to 16 passengers -
priced on one way journey
Prague Brno $279 $389
Prague Olomouc $299 $399
Prague Ostrava $429 $549
Prague Vienna $389 $499
Prague Bratislava $389 $499

* for individuals or small groups of up to 7 people brand new Mercedes V-Class or Ford Custom Tourneo minivan will be used

* for groups of up to 16 people brand new Ford Sprinter will be used